I’m Chris Dolan. I’m originally from Upstate New York, but now living and working in and around Philly.

I started doing comedy in my 40s, after decades working for companies both large & small that either grew to dislike me or vice-versa.

I’ve appeared in Best of The City & other showcases at Helium Comedy Club in Philly, and in All-Pro Showcases at Punch Line Philly. I’ve hosted at Bananas Comedy Club in North Jersey and done fundraiser feature & hosting work for Comedy Shoppe of NJ/PA.

Modest achievements:

  • One time I won a radio station comedy contest in Philly. The contest doesn’t exist anymore but I swear to God it happened.
  • I’ve finished second in other comedy contests. So, true to form, I try harder.
  • I’ve been rejected by every comedy festival to which I have ever applied!
  • I occasionally produce shows, so I can book cool, fun people who I like to watch. Every show has turned a profit, and the comics & audience had a great time. Sweet.

I can work clean or dirty. Or, ideally, somewhere in between. I’ve opened for comics you’ve probably heard of or seen on tv/streaming … but let’s face it, they couldn’t pick me out of a lineup on a bet so I won’t name-check anybody.

Almost every weekday I post ten topical jokes; hit the Blog link to read ’em. I’ve been doing it since 2017, so that makes thousands of jokes that thousands of people will never see.

Click the contact page and hit me up. I’d love to do your show/fundraiser/whatever. Thanks!