Jokes (Topical)

The owners of a Giant Rabbit that died on a United Airlines flight are seeking compensation for its death. Joining them as plaintiffs in the suit – the dead rabbit’s 350 children.

CEO of Australian airline Qantas was hit with a pie in the face while speaking at an industry event. The assailant was dragged away by police, who were offered jobs on-the-spot from United.

Otterbox, makers of smartphone cases, are introducing a line of bear-resistant camping coolers. This resulted in a boycott of Otterbox products by bears that own smartphones.

MTV handed out its Movie Awards — honoring excellence in filmmaking as recognized by the people that bring you pregnant teenagers and weirdos catfishing strangers on social media.

A man was given free Wendy’s chicken nuggets for a year after receiving 4.2 million retweets of his request for free food. His next campaign will seek retweets to fund his treatment for Type 2 diabetes.


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