Comedians Telling Other Comedians How to Do Comedy.

A friend of mine sent me an article from a comedy blog he’d read (here it is) . The author/comic’s assertion is that young inexperienced comics will see Louis C.K. tackle controversial topics, and then butcher their own attempts at same…all while wasting the author’s time at open mics and offending people in the audience. [Assuming there is one.]

To which I say “go fuck yourself buddy”. Aside from the pretentious point-of-view that underpins the essay [“crafting jokes is my heroin“], the cold, hard truth is that just about every comic’s time is wasted to some degree at an open mic. I hate hearing lousy comics. But I expect them, and live with it.  An open mic is every comic’s practice — not just the good comics’.

In a sport, the starters might get more time or reps than the scrubs at practice, but the whole team shows up in the hope of getting better. As it should be. Quit bitching about terrible comics. Eventually, some will improve. The key is telling them what you like and encouraging them when they do.

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