Wednesday Jokes: September 18th

NBC is rebooting ‘Punky Brewster’ for new streaming service, Peacock. The new show depicts Punky in the present day as a single mother struggling with obesity and opioid addiction. They’re calling it ‘Chunky Junky Punky Brewster’.

New York City schools banned chocolate milk, although some kids are getting around the ban by vaping it.

New York State instituted an emergency ban on most flavored e*cigarettes. They’re to be off shelves within two months, exciting fruit-flavored vapers who love a good clearance sale.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese sold out of its ‘Bagel That’ device that cuts holes in bread and other foods, turning them into “bagels”. Bagel purists are angry, as are parents whose kids turned their hands into bagels.

President Trump named Robert O’Brien, hostage negotiator for the State Department, to be his new National Security Adviser. O’Brien will immediately start negotiating his own release.

Taiga Motors debuted the Orca, an electric Jet-Ski type personal watercraft that runs for up to two hours, then electrocutes everything within a quarter-mile when you recharge it.

The FBI is investigating the disappearance of CEO Michael Mann, believed to have stolen $35 million in client funds from his company MyPayrollHR. Mann is believed to be the only intelligent person in the U.S. working in human resources.

The second state dinner of the Trump presidency takes place Friday. Melania Trump will show off design changes, including restored draperies in the Green Room, restored furniture in the Blue Room, and new locks on her Bedroom.

Facebook formed an independent board to oversee content moderation decisions. “Do you think that’s hate speech?” asked one billionaire board member to another.

Model Chrissy Teigen accidentally posted her email address and was swarmed with unwanted FaceTime calls. Teigen answered one saying “..was 100 percent sure this would be a penis but nope just a nice stranger.” She then changed emails and answered a FaceTime call from her husband John Legend’s penis.


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