Tuesday Jokes: December 6th

Outsiders are questioning why a former Amazon executive is being paid $800,000 per year to run the Bezos Academy Preschool, founded by Jeff Bezos. The executive, Michael George, claims it isn’t easy teaching 4-year-olds to piss in a bottle while working a 10-hour shift.

Oxford Dictionary chose ‘goblin mode’ – behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy – as their word of the year. Editors at Oxford Dictionary are operating in goblin mode since they’re too lazy to pick a word of the year that’s actually one word.

Beijing has dropped the requirement to show a negative COVID test to enter supermarkets and offices, saying they’re just about ready to release New & Improved COVID-22, anyway.

Donald Trump failed to disclose a $19 million dollar loan from South Korean company Daewoo while President. He also failed to disclose the Daewoo sedan he gave to son Eric as a high school graduation gift.

Facebook’s oversight board criticized their VIP ‘cross check’ program, which allows celebrities, politicians and influencers extra leeway when violating the platform’s speech guidelines, and also counts ‘Maybes’ as ‘Going’ for their parties & events.

Google launched ‘continuous scroll’ for search results, so you can avoid having to click through multiple pages before deciding to just use the first result like you always do.

The owner of a North Philadelphia gas station hired armed guards to patrol his property amidst the city’s violent crime spree. Regular gas is $3.80/gallon, plus the now-customary tip for not getting jumped and carjacked.

Amazon is lauching a subscription gaming service in India, starting with flagship title Super Patel Brothers.

A new study finds metro=U.S. office buildings will lose over $450 billion in value as workers turn to working at home. Panhandlers will also lose billions in donations since at-home workers ignore them standing next to their mailboxes.

Actor Neal Bledsoe, co-star of multiple Great American Family channel Christmas movies, will no longer do so following GAF’s focus on traditional hetero relationships. Bledsoe will return to the small town where he grew up and consult with the single mom he went to high school with who now manages the village candy store.

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