The Terrible Ten: May 15, 2023

Editor’s Note: Due to personal business, there will be no Terrible Tens on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week. Back on Thursday, and thanks for reading! cd

Early clinical trials have shown impressive results treating cancer with mRNA vaccines. Which is good news for some, but probably won’t help two-pack-a-day anti-vaxxers.

1,000 rooms at New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel are being used as an emergency shelter to house migrants bused from Texas. Housekeepers at the Roosevelt report record low tips and record high towel thefts.

In Oklahoma, a 21-year-old hit a cow with his motorcycle. He was later pronounced dead, and the cow was pronounced the owner of a used motorcycle

Tornados forced the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally in Iowa, as a damaging blowhard was preempted by an even more damaging blowharder.

A dead body was found in the freezer of a Louisiana Arby’s. An autopsy is expected to confirm whether the cause of death was hypothermia or Beef & Cheddar ingestion.

A woman in South Carolina was arrested for drug trafficking when 1,500 grams of cocaine fell out of a fake pregnancy belly as she ran from cops. Even more were delivered in a holding cell via c-section.

Migrants entering the U.S. southern border attempting to claim asylum say it’s difficult to use the Federal Government’s immigration app. Customs & Border Patrol officials say the app is fine, and blame the immigrants for using Cricket Wireless.

NBA Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was suspended a second time for an Instagram video where he’s seen waving a handgun. The Grizzlies are considering moving Morant from point guard to shooting guard.

A Florida professor broke a record for living 74 consecutive days underwater in a 100 square foot tank. He said the hardest part is getting Tinder matches back to his place.

McDonald’s is making progress on its goal of using recyclable packaging in all of its restaurants by 2025, and for using recycled beef in all of its burgers by 2026.

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