A couple faces criticism after throwing a birthday party for their five-year-old son at Hooters. They said he had a great time with the servers, although parents of five-old-girls attending the party were angry their daughters had to wear orange booty shorts and stuff their t-shirts.

A transgender high school teacher with giant prosthetic breasts will be allowed to continue wearing them. Her students don’t care that she’s transgender, just that her breasts keep erasing everything she tries writing on the chalkboard.

The creators of ‘Stranger Things‘ say the final season has “the tone of Season 1 but the scale of Season 4”. They say we’ll know what they mean when it’s released in 2027.

Alt-rockers The Neighbourhood kicked drummer Brandon Fried out of the band for groping Maria Zardoya of band The Marias. The Neighbourhood will audition replacement drummers, and The Marias formed a Neighbourhood Watch.

Jeff Bezos said he’ll give most of his money to charity, unless the charity is for laid-off Amazon warehouse workers who took one-too-many bathroom breaks during their shift.

Joe Biden said his three-hour meeting with China President Xi Jingping was “open and candid”. Although he also said he “doesn’t know Chinese”.

A woman took her father to a Texas strip club for his 100th birthday. In preparation, all of the dancers completed a class where they learned to perform CPR during a lap dance.

A United Airlines flight attendant was evaluated at a hospital after a physical altercation with an urnruly woman holding a small child. The plane landed safely, although flight attendants had difficulty duct-taping the woman to a seat with a kid in her lap.

An eighth grade science teacher in Arizona and her husband lost their jobs after filming sex for their Only Fans account in an empty classroom during the weekend. Also, two of her 13-year-old male students can’t believe she was cheating on them.

Dollar General is being sued for listing false prices on shelves, then charging higher prices at checkout. Impacted customers seek damages of up to six cents each.