President Biden made a secret trip to Kyiv, Ukraine to visit President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion. The White House is secretive on the details, but reportedly Biden asked multiple times why it was taking so long to get to Delaware.

Britney Griner will return to the WNBA, signing a one-year deal with the Phoenix Mercury. She was then traded to the Las Vegas Aces in exchange for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Kendall Jenner is rumored to be dating pop star Bad Bunny. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian was dumped by his cousin, Tad Bunny.

ABC’s The Bachelor will debut a senior citizen edition – where an eligible older gentleman eliminates prospective female partners by not giving them roses or seats in his booth at Cracker Barrel.

Free speech advocates are angry that Roald Dahl books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are being selectively edited. For instance, Augustus Gloop is no longer referred to as “fat” – but Veruca Salt is still a bitch.

United Airlines announced they’ll no longer charge families an extra fee for sitting together – and they’ll even duct tape your kids to their seats at no charge.

Home Depot announced they’ll spend another $1 billion dollars this year to increase pay and benefits for hourly workers who can’t tell you where the items are that you’re looking for.

Spain became the first country in Europe to entitle workers to paid menstrual leave. Four construction workers in Madrid are suing after being fired for identifying as menstruating women.

Household debt hit a record $16.9 trillion last quarter – an estimated $5 trillion comprised of husband & boyfriend Christmas gifts where the recipient “loved” it, but will never use or wear it.

Aussie porn star Liam Ellis said he injured his penis during a recent shoot, causing it to turn black. The good news is he’s now included in the ‘ebony’ category on Pornhub.