The purchaser of Harvey Weinstein’s Connecticut mansion had it torn down – surprising several 23-year-old actresses who arrived there for screen tests they’d scheduled in 2020.

A food fight erupted in the stands at the Philadelphia Phillies home loss on Tuesday at “Dollar Dog Night”. It started when several hundred Bud Light drinkers announced they were changing their pronouns.

A Missouri state lawmaker defended a state statute allowing 12-year-olds to get married, saying he’d met friends in college who married at age 12, and were doing a great job as sophomores raising their 3 kids.

HBO Max will merge with Discovery+ to become ‘Max’. This follows HBO Go and HBO Now merging to become HBO Max. HBO streaming services now have as many, or more, mergers and names as your slutty stepmom.

‘Harry Potter’ is being made into a TV series. Family members of Harry Potter superfans are asking for the magic spell to keep from having to watch it.

A 1-year-old dog trekked across 150 miles of Alaska’s Bering Sea ice to find his family after being lost. The dog thanked the six native Alaskan children who pulled his sled.

Peaches‘ – a ballad sung by Bowser to describe his love for the Princess in The Super Mario Bros Movie – is being touted for an Oscar for Best Original Song. There is no such praise for Mario’s song ‘It’s A Me, Let’s Have A Sex‘.

A CEO published an opinion piece, saying the worst question you can ask in a job interview is “what is the remote work policy?” The second worst question is “are those real?”

New York City hired Kathleen Corradi as the first-ever Director of Rodent Mitigation, or “rat czar”, at a salary of $155,000/year. In turn, Corradi announced her support staff, starting with Assistant Director, Mittens.

Today show co-host Jenna Bush Hager discussed body positivity, saying her boyfriend when she was in 7th grade dumped her after seeing her in a bathing suit. She said in the years since, she’s patched things up with Dick Cheney.