A jury deliberated less than an hour before finding South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh guilty of murdering his wife and son. It would have been even faster, but one of the jurors ordered the chocolate souffle with lunch, which takes 30 minutes.

A new study finds drinking Coke and Pepsi raises testosterone levels and increases testicle size. New ‘Pepsi Challenge’ ads are planned, claiming better taste and bigger balls.

McDonald’s President Joe Ehrlinger called a California proposal requiring a $22/hour wage “costly and job-destroying”. Meanwhile, California’s Surgeon General called McDonald’s two-person Cardi B & Offset Meal “costly and cardiac-destroying”.

An alligator interrupted a Florida high school lacrosse practice by walking on the field. The gator has shoulder-length blond hair and is named Xander, so he was asked to join the team as a midfielder.

Shopping network QVC is laying off 400 workers, who will be paid a severance package in 12 easy installments.

Nordstrom announced they’re closing all stores in Canada, citing operating losses and it’s just too goddamned cold.

Japan found 7,000 islands the country didn’t know existed. along with a lot of shipwrecks and dead bodies.

Lufthansa introduced Allegris, a first-class option providing passengers with a private compartment and a double bed. First-class passengers joining the Mile High Club have a switch they flip to warn the pilot & flight attendants of turbulence.

A prestigious law firm is suing one of their own attorneys, claiming she “quiet quit” by doing the bare minimum while she worked remotely and even started her own firm. She filed a countersuit after she got home from the Tuesday movie matinee.

A Florida woman tried to pass a drug test with a fake urine sample of soda and tap water that she’d put in a pill bottle hidden in her vagina. Her fake urine still tested positive for oxycodone and Fresca.