Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene said she was attacked in a restaurant by an “insane woman”. Meanwhile, in the same restaurant, an insane woman was the victim of an attack. announced they’ve added 313 new entries, many related to online activity, such as ‘queerbaiting‘ – marketing to LGBTQ+ persons without inclusion of those same people. It also means the best way to catch homosexual fish.

As justices consider the legality of President Biden’s debt relief plan, student loan borrowers camped outside the Supreme Court – because it sure beats working.

Tesla will build a new auto factory in Monterrey, Mexico. The facility will make Tesla sedans & Cybertrucks and deliver them to the U.S. once they’re loaded with cocaine.

Vladimir Putin awarded actor Steven Seagal Russia’s Order Of Friendship, honoring Seagal’s “great contribution to the development of international cultural and humanitarian cooperation”, while admitting he couldn’t sit through any of Seagal’s last five movies.

As weight training surges in popularity, Planet Fitness is reducing the number of cardio machines to make more room for benches, dumbbells and body-weight exercises. They’re also providing members with heavier pizzas and donuts.

Two Vermont State Troopers are on leave while they’re investigated for racist & misogynistic comments they made while playing an online game. Vermont State Police were called by parents of 7-year-olds who didn’t know what the words meant while they played Mario Kart.

A new report concludes murderers in the United States have a 50% chance of getting away with it. Another report criticized marriage counselors who bring this up during their sessions.

A kidnapping victim in Vermont was able to escape in her captor’s vehicle with her hands still bound together with duct tape. It’s even more impressive since the car was a five-speed stick-shift.

An Italian mob boss escaped from his maximum-security prison cell using a rope made of bedsheets he’d tied together. The warden said prisoners will no longer be enrolled in classes and given merit badges for knot-tying.