A new study finds red meat and refined carbohydrates are the primary drivers of Type 2 diabetes cases – and profits at Arby’s.

Congressman George Santos announced his reelection campaign along with endorsements from Pope Francis and Taylor Swift.

Feds in New York City shut down what they called an ‘illegal Chinese police station’ targeting Chinese dissidents living in the U.S. and gathering counterintelligence for China’s government. Officials were tipped off by piles of empty Chun-kin Donuts boxes outside.

A man plead guilty to breaking the thumb off of a terracotta warrior statue from 200BC on display at a Philadelphia museum. On the bright side, he’s now in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the oldest thumb stuck in a rectum.

Wedding apparel retailer David’s Bridal filed for bankruptcy. Money’s tight, so David’s reception switched from open bar to cash.

Apple Watches are getting their biggest software update since being introduced in 2015. In addition to detecting heart attacks and falls, it’ll detect the real reason your spouse isn’t talking to you.

New Jersey declared September 23rd as Bruce Springsteen Day. As part of the declaration, residents will be asked to slam their screen doors at Noon, and throughout the day refer to their genitals as auto parts.

As part of his ongoing battle with Disney Corporation, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened to build a prison next to Disney World. Lawyers for imprisoned tax cheat Scrooge McDuck have already requested a transfer so he can be closer to his family.

A writer’s strike threatens to halt production of tv & film projects if a deal with the union can’t be reached by May 1st. This could mean a delay to the final season of Stranger Things, from its planned release in 2028.

McDonald’s is making ‘upgrades’ to its signature hamburger & cheeseburger, including softer buns, following a string of lawsuit settlements from broken teeth.