The NFL says it has ‘no evidence’ that Tom Brady suffered a concussion, despite Gisele saying during an interview that he had. “At no time have our trained spotters seen cartoon birds and stars fluttering around Tom Brady’s helmet” said Roger Goodell.

According to her fiancee, a woman MMA fighter finished a recent bout without knowing she was pregnant. Since then, she has felt the baby kicking and choke-holding.

The first functional “Robocop” has hit the streets in Dubai, but promptly landed in the repair shop to have coffee and doughnuts removed.

Egypt’s President said that Donald Trump is “capable of doing the impossible”. Continuing, he told Melania “we call you The Impossible”.

Tom Cruise has confirmed that a Top Gun sequel is definitely happening, just as soon as they can find a seatbelt extender for Iceman.

High school baseball and softball games were cancelled in Vermont when a bear cub walked on the field. Coaches were worried the cub’s mother would show up to complain about his lack of playing time.

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