Topical. Maybe.

Mary Kay Letourneau’s husband, Vili Fulaau, has filed for a separation. Her lawyer is seeking to dismiss the petition because he’s grounded.

All-time women’s tennis record holder for Grand Slam titles Margaret Court criticized the sport, saying it’s “full of lesbians”. Said the Women’s Tennis Association: “yeah, so?”

At the time of his arrest for DUI, Tiger Woods stated that he was taking four prescription pain killers. Presumably, to treat his sex addiction. Officers said Woods was asleep in his car. He told police he was watching golf on his laptop.

Boston Childrens Hospital is doubling the number of therapy dogs. The dogs visit the rooms of sick children, once they’ve verified the kids’ health care coverage.

Kris Jenner was granted a restraining order against her alleged stalker – apparently, the only man in the world who doesn’t know she has five daughters.

A great white shark jumped in to a fisherman’s boat off the coast of Australia. The shark explained that he hadn’t eaten a surfer in weeks, grabbed a sandwich and swam off.

A couple who claimed to be trying to have sex for 17 years welcomed sextuplets. They credited the births to fertility drugs, and a switch to vaginal intercourse.


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