Monday Jokes: September 10

The NFL Arizona Cardinals opened their season yesterday at home in newly-renamed State Farm Stadium. It used to be called University of Phoenix Stadium, but the for-profit college dropped out.

Horror movie ‘The Nun’ led the weekend box office with a huge $53.5 million opening weekend. The Vatican is considering the production of a sequel, ‘The Priest’, to fund child abuse settlements.

Actress Olivia Munn claims that she was shunned by co-stars in her new film ‘The Predator’, for calling out a male cast member as a registered sex offender. Ironically, he wasn’t playing the title character.

North Korea marked its 70th Anniversary with a huge military parade. Watchers noticed that nuclear missiles weren’t showed off in the parade; it’s unclear whether this was a sign of North Korean decnuclearization, or if the missiles were en route to vacation in Hawaii.

CBS Entertainment CEO Les Moonves stepped down as three more women leveled accusations of sexual harassment against the exec. Moonves is expected to remain out of the spotlight, but may be redeemed as a guest in an upcoming episode of new CBS show ‘God Friended Me.’

Coincidentally, today is the season premiere of Moonves’ wife Julie Chen’s afternoon show ‘The Talk’ – or, as it’s now known, ‘The Talk About My Husband’s Penis’.

Subway’s CEO says that the company’s famous $5 Footlong is going away – but will live on forever in the material of terrible stand up comedians.

NFL fans tweeted their hatred of a new Carrie Underwood ‘Sunday Night Football on NBC’ theme song, ‘Game On’. It was the first time cable operators reported service outages due to customers’ simultaneous pressing of the Mute button.

President Trump tweeted that he would ‘write the real book’ to set the record straight on his administration, following claims of dysfunction set forth in Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, ‘Fear’. Trump then asked Sean Hannity if he wants to write a book.

A couple who raised $400,000 on GoFundMe for a homeless addict are being investigated for spending much of the money on themselves. Cops confiscated items from the couple, including a BMW and drugs, which they bought because they wanted get the homeless guy’s Xmas presents early.




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