Gratitude: 2018 Comedy

2018 was a very fun year doing comedy. I’d like to thank the people & places who gave me a chance to perform or who helped in doing so…

  • Cindy & Lance Asher at Worcester Golf Club, for letting us put our two 2018 Subourbon Comedy shows in your room — and to Michael Brooks, Andy Nolan, Abby Rosenquist & Pat House for being a part of them
  • Michael Lancer, for naming Subourbon Comedy, running it, hosting, featuring and keeping it fun. And for being a great friend
  • Greg Lynn of Graphics by Greg for doing such great work on signage & online visuals
  • Kelly ‘Bunny’ Miller for print work, busting my balls about Sabres hockey & Bills football, and cat chat
  • Ben Maher at Helium Comedy Club – it’s a privilege to do shows & mics there and I always have a great time
  • Vince Valentine [& Joe Roccia] of Vince Valentine Comedy Collective – for showing me how comedy nights run, for putting me on yours, and for your guidance as we started Subourbon Comedy shows.
  • James DeBenedetto of Comedy Shoppe & JJComedy – for putting me on some of the coolest stages with the best people
  • Fenris! Shitshows, but the best shitshows you could ever ask to be a part of.
  • Marc Riccadonna – for vouching for my jokes and being a supporter
  • Mike DiAlto at John & Peters in New Hope..such a great spot with so much history, and where I can honestly say I feel like a ‘regular’
  • Latice Klapa for putting me on a cool, fun show that was the 2nd-closest to my home
  • Joey Callahan for putting me on the show closest to my home!
  • Chris Coccia for the terrific slots at PJ Ryan’s, and for the low-key, do-what-you-wanna-do vibe there that’s like no other. Brick Michael Sturner, you’ll always be a guy I remember for great pics and camaraderie
  • Jon Koppel whose Forest & Main showcases are true gems
  • Rachel Sherts at Punch Line Philly, for the spots on All-Pro Showcases, despite my paid amateur comic status
  • Ed O’Hanlon at EJO Comedy on the Road — another super guy running great shows here in the burbs
  • Matt Beck & Crooked Eye Brewery – a great microbrewery where appreciative crowds actually shut up and laugh
  • Mike Dougherty – a true Irishman who appreciates a good time, a good show, good drinks and all the hokey jokes that I do
  • Kevin McGowan – Comedy King of the Poconos & Northeast Pennsylvania!
  • Missy Grynkiewicz Hall & Jeremy Hall – the first couple of Delaware comedy!
  • Bill Chiang for your support and telling people you think I’m funny
  • Michael Kelly & the Sucker Punch…I reallllly wish I did better..
  • Sarah Bell at Fergie’s….thanks for making me feel welcome
  • Denise at Bananas…who returned my thanks for the spot by thanking me for not being booked [and thereby available for a short-notice weekend]
  • Jon Hoffman a.k.a Trulove. You never forgot to remember me. haha. See you nye.

..Or Who Run Fun Open Mics:

  • Sylis/Jess/Dan/Megan/Seamus/Ryan & staff at the Grape Room in Manayunk. There’s only one Launching Pad
  • The High Note Humor Team at the Tap Room in Haddonfield. Sure the 90 minute drive blows, but the trip and the laughs are worth it.
  • Ed McGonigal, Darren Martinez & Michael O’Connell at the Northeast Cabaret & Neighbors Bar…there’s something to be said for a place where I laugh more about the experience than the audience will ever laugh at me
  • Erin Moreland & Chris Hayes at Marty McGees…I need to get there more often
  • Chris, who plays guitar at Liberty Union in Phoenixville. You like comedy even if your music audience seems like it kinda doesn’t.

.. Or Who Used To..

  • Ben Fidler I still miss Puck. Your kids are adorable

..And People Who Just Make Me Laugh and Make Telling Jokes Fun and Who Are Just Cool

  • John Kensil. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you need to. [ @johnkensil ]
  • Lance Henik …. you are too kind
  • Jeff Ost … sound man, comedy producer, Santa, Scarecrow, rich guy extra, golfer…extraordinaire
  • Brandon Mitchell. Keep killing it.
  • Nick Kupsey. Accomplished author and online confidante
  • Jake Mattera. You’re just the best and I can’t thank you enough.
  • Erin. Who asks “what comedy do you have this week?” and who is always cool with how much, or how little, it is. XOXOXOUUU

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. Thanks for a terrific year. If you didn’t book me, that’s okay. You can do it in 2019 and get choked up seeing your name in this next December.


Chris D.


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