Thursday Jokes: October 24th

A parking space in Hong Kong sold for almost a million dollars. Since it’s a parallel parking space, the owner is still trying to get in it.

180 locations of Destination Maternity and Mother Maternity stores are closing. Executives cite competition from online stores, and condoms.

A woman in England dubbed “Otter Lady” walks around her village with an otter perched on her shoulder, right next to what’s left of her ear and face on that side.

Procter & Gamble is removing the ‘woman’ symbol from Always feminine pads to be more inclusive toward trans women, and as they start a campaign touting their use as drink coasters.

Nearly two dozen Republican members of Congress barged into a closed-door impeachment hearing in protest, and because they heard they had muffins and coffee.

An Arkansas hunter was killed after being attacked by the deer he just shot. State fish & game officials condemned the senseless killing over just a buck .

Citing their correlation with some cancers, the FDA is recommending a “boxed warning” on labeling materials for breast implants – apparently because some women like to put their old implants in the box that the new ones came in.

Scientists claim rats taught to drive tiny cars showed higher emotional resilience and reduced stress levels. The rats driving alone showed reduced stress, but the ones with a partner questioning their route and asking for bathroom stops did not.

  • Several of the rats decided to stop driving after finding how much cheese they have to pay for auto insurance.

Pest control company Terminix ranked Philadelphia as the most bedbug-infested city in the U.S. The good news is Philly bugs are also the easiest to spot because they’re really fat.

A Canadian court ruled against a transgender woman who sued beauticians for discrimination because they wouldn’t do a Brazilian bikini wax on her penis and testicles. The beauticians claim they weren’t trained to wax male genitalia and besides, they just finished lunch.


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