Thursday Jokes: June 11th

Following requests from a Missouri woman, Merriam-Webster will update its dictionary definition of ‘racism’ to include systemic discrimination. However, they declined to update their definition of ‘delicious’ despite repeated requests from executives at Arby’s.

A billionaire investor predicts a massive wave of upcoming unemployment for white-collar six-figure employees. But he also predicts a massive wave of day jobs for people helping carry cardboard boxes full of the laid-off workers’ stuff.

A 62-year-old woman in the U.K. says her fit, youthful appearance makes her a target of 20-something men who “hit up her Instagram like it’s Tinder.” The men are undeterred when they find out her age, because they really hate condoms.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ranted against a message of racial tolerance featuring Elmo and Louie – son and father Muppets, respectively – in a CNN Town Hall. It was so bad, longtime friend Oscar the Grouch cancelled his upcoming appearance on Carlson’s show.

Vandals beheaded a statue of Christopher Columbus in a Boston park. The head was found lying on the ground wearing a Yankees cap.

Local and state officials addressed growing concern over a surge in COVID-19 cases in Arizona, saying “yeah, but it’s a dry coronavirus.”

‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams, who played Potsie Weber, filed for divorce from his wife of 30 years. Williams claims his wife will no longer “sit on it”.

Visitors to Florida from New York, New Jersey & Connecticut must quarantine for two weeks on arrival, angering those planning visits to Disney parks. As a compromise, Disney World said they could spend the two weeks on “It’s A Small World”.

Iggy Azalea confirmed she gave birth to a baby boy. She then rapped the boy’s name, but no one could understand what she was saying.

The NFL is considering the addition of a ‘sky judge’ – an additional referee that sits in the press box and uses replay video to make their own incorrect calls.

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