Wednesday Jokes: June 10th

SpaceX rockets are equipped with the same touchscreen software found on Android phones – only it’s called Mario Space Kart.

Nintendo revealed an additional 160,000 Nintendo ID accounts – used for login and payment – were stolen in April. They found out after spotting Bowser wearing a lot of gold chains.

Cities are using public sewer systems to gauge levels of COVID-19 infection. Their measurements are useful to track rises and falls in virus, as well as corn consumption.

The New York Times surveyed epidemiologists and found most won’t attend a live sporting event this year – leading over a dozen Major League Baseball teams to cancel their ever-popular Epidemiology Day.

Race car driver Bubba Wallace wants confederate flags banned from all NASCAR events. Wallace said “no one should feel uncomfortable” at races. “Or sober” said every NASCAR sponsor.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said the coronavirus is his “worst nightmare”. Then he paused and said “second-worst nightmare”.

Facebook is sponsoring a lounge at the Republican National Convention. ‘Going’ – replied thousands of Russians.

Paramount Network cancelled reality tv show Cops. It will be replaced by Protesters.

Cardi B used Instagram to show followers her natural hair – possibly for the first time since her stripper days.

The biggest-growth categories of alcohol sales during the pandemic lockdown were budget-priced beer and hard seltzer – also known as The His & Hers Domestic Dysfunction Kit.

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