Tuesday Jokes: June 23rd

IKEA debuted their Home of Tomorrow concept, envisioning how people will be living in the year 2050, when they finish assembling furniture they bought this week.

Columbus Police Officers subdued a non-violent double-amputee protestor and took off his prosthetic legs. “I’ll take one of those” said the lawyer he later hired to sue the cops.

The Barcelona Opera performed with an audience of 2,300 plants in their theatre’s seats. 1,900 of the plants died of boredom.

Comedian D.L. Hughley tested positive for COVID-19 after collapsing onstage during a performance at Zanies comedy club in Nashville. The club booked Rob Schneider for four shows this weekend to keep people away.

The National Hockey League will begin its Stanley Cup Playoff tournament on July 30th, in hub cities that can still make ice.

Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to return as Batman in an upcoming movie about The Flash. The story centers around Batman mentoring The Flash during lightning-fast trips to and from the senior center.

A homeowner in Sunbury, PA spray-painted WIGHTE LIVES MATTER on their own picket fence. No charges were filed against the homeowner, Wilma Wighte.

A movement is underway to change the name of The Masters golf tournament, saying it’s rooted in slavery.  Ideas include reverting to its pre-1939 name, Augusta National Invitational, or the less-popular The Supervisors.

The Pennsylvania Board of Cosmetology is rejecting licenses for hair stylists and eyebrow technicians because of past misdemeanor criminal convictions. Residents are urged to keep a clean driving record and not steal if they want to ruin someone’s hair & makeup.

Email software company Boomerang claims emails that close with a “thankful message” are returned at a 36% higher rate. Also, emails that close with “go f*** yourself” are returned at a 98% higher rate.

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