Friday Jokes: October 7th

Google claims a feature of their new Pixel 7 camera helps the visually impaired take selfies. Although they say it can’t help visually impaired people who try to take selfies with the tv remote.

A 37-year-old British man with physical handicaps was denied delivery of his food order because he looked under 25. He’s now unclear how he’ll get his Spaghetti-O’s.

A man knelt in the aisle at a Toronto Blue Jays game and “proposed” to his girlfriend with a candy Ring Pop. The woman slapped him and tossed her drink on him. However, an 8-year-old girl in the next row accepted the proposal and the ring.

After promising results in clinical trials, the Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab faces new questions, including “Where am I?” and “who is lecanimab?”

Pebbles, a fox terrier and the World’s Oldest Dog, died at age 22. Pebbles crossed the Rainbow Bridge while uncontrollably pissing on it several times.

A cargo ship captain is accused of drugging the drinks of two Merchant Marine Academy cadets and sexually assaulting them. He was relieved of his duties on The Lust Boat.

YouTube is reportedly cracking down on videos showing how to 3D-print devices that convert semi-automatic weapons to machine guns. Video creators are angry that their follower & subscriber counts are dropping because of the videos’ removal, and because their viewers keep getting shot & killed.

The record heat wave killed the most UK residents since record-keeping began, with 2,800 ‘excess deaths’ among those aged 65 & over. Heat deaths were prevalent enough that they surpassed another top mortality driver: choking to death on scones.

A 22-year-old Colorado woman duct taped her naked Tinder date’s wrists and ankles, performed oral sex on him, then cut him with a knife, choked him with a belt and ordered DoorDash. She was arrested, but two dozen Tinder matches offered to post her bail if they could get the same date.

California high school athletic trainer Tiffany Strauss-Gordon is accused of sexually abusing teen male football players while treating them. The football players did say she was good at stretching and finding ways to help the swelling go down.

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