Tuesday Jokes: November 22nd

A fisherman in the UK caught the largest goldfish ever recorded at 67 pounds, then destroyed an entire floor of his house flushing it down the toilet.

Four teenage girls were rescued from a stuck roller coaster in Sacramento County, California. None of them bought the pictures after being rescued.

Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted on multiple fraud charges and sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison, respectively. Sadly, no prison time was announced for the executives who put ‘Chrisley Knows Best‘ on the air.

At the FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia upset favorite Argentina 2-1, staving off their beheadings for at least a few more days.

After Qatar banned beer sales at World Cup stadiums, tournament sponsor Budweiser decided they’ll ship the surplus beer to the country that wins the tournament. It’s expected the country that wins will decide to send it to a third-world nation.

The National Park Service will rename the Indian Gardens portion of the Grand Canyon at the request of the native Havasupai Tribe. Starting in 2023, the area will be known as Cleveland Guardians Gardens.

Experts say Thanksgiving 2022 will be the most expensive travel holiday, with Americans paying some of the highest ticket prices ever for flights they hope will be cancelled.

A paddleboarder’s iPhone she’d lost in the ocean washed ashore 460 days later in perfect condition. She thanked the man who found it on the beach and contacted her, then deleted a bunch of lewd selfies of whale and shark genitals taken two weeks ago.

A viral video shows a man openly smoking a crack pipe on a New York City subway car. Then it shows other passengers asking to share it after someone broke out a guitar and started singing for tips.

An animal behaviorist claims the “mystery” of sheep walking in a circle for 12 days straight is frustration over being penned in. In other news. several dozen people have been walking in a circle for 10 days straight outside of a Walmart waiting for 4a.m. on Black Friday.

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