The Terrible Ten: March 24, 2023

Tom Brady became a minority owner of the WNBA Las Vegas Aces, after loaning the team bus fare to get home from a game he attended.

According to Forbes magazine, Jay-Z is now worth an estimated $2.5 billion, and is down to fewer than 29 problems.

An Army veteran who bought his wife a Maserati for $68,000 on Carvana found out the car was stolen. He’s suing Carvana for $1 million in damages, but in the meantime will keep selling military secrets to raise money for another exotic car.

The New York grand jury hearing Donald Trump’s hush-money case will have the weekend off. They’ve been instructed not to discuss the case, and not to accept the all-expenses-paid 3-night vacation at Mar a Lago.

A 24-year-old woman bit and kicked police as she was carried off a Frontier Airlines jet in Miami boarding for Philadelphia. She faces several felony & misdemeanor charges, and, upon arrival in Philadelphia, will receive the Key to the City.

Blac Chyna revealed she quit sharing nudes on OnlyFans because she became a born-again Christian and ‘God wouldn’t want me doing it’. Also, God and everyone else who cancelled subscriptions saw all there is to see during her two years on the platform.

Mathematicians discovered a new, unique shape that can tile a wall or floor and create infinite patterns that never repeat. It’s coming soon to hardware stores and your next failed do-it-yourself project.

The CEO of a tech startup that inspects boat hulls with underwater drones is accused of peeping on women in a Panera bathroom. His denies wrongdoing and said the drone was doing a test run in the ladies toilet.

A radio DJ’s body was found several weeks after he went missing – so the person discovering the body won Matchbox Twenty tickets in Wild 94.9’s Scavenger Hunt.

Transgender cyclist Tiffany Thomas won the Randalls Island Crit – putting her over the 20-win mark since she began racing in her 40s in 2018. Her excitement was evident atop the medal stand as shown by her triumphant raised arms and the bulge in her bike shorts.

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