Stormy Daniels will host a Q&A session on her OnlyFans account as rumors circulate about a possible indictment of Donald Trump. It’s the first public interview from a woman discussing sex with a president since before Betty Ford sobered up.

“Dumb” phones are growing in popularity in the U.S., as Gen Z users seek to limit screen time. Dumb phones are defined by Gen Z as phones that don’t manage apps, or as any smartphone in the hands of a boomer.

Finnish design company Woodio introduced the first flushable toilet made entirely of wood chips. They say the wood reduces harmful emissions generated by plastic or ceramic toilets, but so far, users don’t like having to clean the inside with sandpaper.

Elon Musk said artificial intelligence poses a ‘profound risk to society and humanity’ – mostly because ChatGPT is too smart to pay $7 a month for Twitter Blue.

Taylor Swift accepted the Innovator Award at the annual iHeartRadio Awards in Los Angeles, as radio stations honored her unique ability to turn getting dumped into hundreds of songs.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, a Nashville resident, helped elementary school students flee the scene of the deadly Covenant School shooting. She titled the video Clarissa Explains It All Except for How a Mentally Ill Person Legally Bought Assault Weapons.

Foot Locker is closing 400 stores. Workers are being told to turn in their uniforms, or keep them and referee their kids peewee basketball games.

A Dutch sperm donor who’s fathered 550 children is being sued for increasing the risk of incest and exceeding the allowable number of children created with his sperm. He’s fighting the suit, saying he needs the money for surgeries to his right shoulder, elbow and wrist.

A new Army program gives underperforming recuits 90 days of fitness training before sending them off to basic training. Although many female recruits are dropping out after 89 days once they fit into their bridesmaid dress for a spring wedding.

Florida high school teacher Shavon Pearson was arrested for waving a gun at another motorist during a traffic dispute, then was also charged for trafficking fentanyl. In other news, a dozen of her students were hospitalized following Chemistry lab.