Mattel introduced the first Barbie doll representing a woman with Down Syndrome. She comes with a few standard accessories, but nobody’s giving her the keys to her pink Dream Car anytime soon.

Kim Kardashian said she’s taking the California bar exam again and would happily trade reality tv for a job as a full-time lawyer – since she’s been successfully getting guys off for over twenty years.

California officials arrested Dr. Stephen Gevorkian on multiple counts of practicing medicine without a license. Gevorkian said he treated some patients, but mostly met people confused by his name wanting to commit suicide.

A Philadelphia woman was found guilty of drugging her Tinder date after meeting him at a suburban hotel. She swiped right, his wallet, and car.

Washington state passed legislation banning the sale of AR-15s and other assault weapons. Republicans plan to shoot it down.

Convicted Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, who begins her 11-year prison sentence tomorrow, reportedly named her newborn daughter Invicta, from the Greek meaning “unconquered”. She chose it because there isn’t a Greek translation for “wire fraud”.

A Harvard-schooled etiquette expert advises a three-word response when someone says something mean to you: “are you okay?”. Meanwhile, a community college-schooled expert advises a different three word response, beginning with “go” and ending with “yourself”.

Joe Biden welcomed South Korean president Yoon Seuk Yeol to the White House, but raised eyebrows when greeting him “Hey! Yoo Suk!”

New York City announced an eight-year plan to renovate the Port Authority bus terminal, with the first three years dedicated to removing homeless people.

A man arranged for his life savings to be used to pay college tuition for 33 high school graduates in Iowa. He just needs to find 23 more high school graduates in Iowa.