In Germany, a ballet director was fired two days after smearing dog feces on the face of a critic who’d written a negative review. Nonetheless, the company’s principal dancer in Swan Lake will continue to be a Jack Russell terrier.

In Philadelphia, police are looking for a suspect who shot a woman, then fled after placing her in a golf cart. They’re concerned the woman may have suffered serious injuries on her 4th hole.

Facebook & Instagram announced they’re adding paid verification. For $15/month, your accounts can still be hacked, and Facebook & Instagram will verify it.

A decorative helicopter fell at the American Dream indoor water park in New Jersey, injuring several children. The park will offer PTSD counseling for the kids with Iraq war veterans who also saw downed helicopters.

A woman on a dating site claims she was “fatfished” by her male date, who was at least 40 pounds heavier than he appeared in profile photos. In response, the guy claims he was “flatfished” because she stuffed her bra in her pics.

Bravo host Andy Cohen said the Real Housewives reality shows “gave women over 50 a platform to express their sexuality”. Viewers hope that someday a different show will give women over 50 a platform to express a shred of intelligence and human decency.

Tiger Woods errant shot on the 13th hole at the Genesis Invitational ended with his ball landing in a fan’s jacket. That same night two of his balls landed between the legs of a server he met at Hooters.

A 1787 letter from George Washington is going to auction. In it, the future first President tells of financial struggles and a desire to sell land to raise money after finding out there was a $50 deductible on his wooden dental insurance.

A 57-year-old Florida woman arrested on shoplifting charges told cops performing a strip search that a used crack pipe protruding from her vagina was a sex toy. She then reached behind her and produced the receipt for it.

The City of London, England will provide free meals to all children in primary schools, as families struggle with inflation, and their kids struggle with the realization that British cooking is terrible.