A man whose weight loss plan is eating half-portions of McDonald’s meals every meal for 100 consecutive days claims he’s lost 29 pounds in 34 days. He’s lost 28 pounds of muscle and 1 pound from a shrunken liver.

Millennials are traveling at a higher rate than other age groups – as they fly home to live in their parents basement.

Pop star Harry Styles is reportedly dating actress Emily Ratajkowski – an impossibly good-looking couple with a terrible tabloid couple name: RatStyle.

An armed assailant killed six people at a Nashville elementary school – leaving Toby Keith confused over what terrible country song he can write about it.

The Philadelphia Phillies introduced their new menu items for 2023 home games at Citizens Bank Park. For the first time ever, vegans will have a choice of food they can throw at visiting outfielders and bullpen pitchers.

Scientists are touting a “holy grail” of cancer detection that predicts tumors a year before they form. The protocol has two parts: a blood test; and a program that scans for credit card purchases at Arby’s.

New research indicates physical activity offers little mental health benefit. The study appeared in the journal Nature Human Behaviour and was co-funded by La-Z-Boy & Haagen-Dazs.

In the wake of a toxic chemical spill, the City of Philadelphia Water Department declared the water supply safe for drinking ‘through Wednesday’ – last Wednesday.

Chris Christie told a New Hampshire crowd he’s the only Republican qualified to stand up to Donald Trump. Although he’s more comfortable sitting down.

An Australian woman was convicted of killing her husband by lacing his favorite lemon cookies with sleeping pills. The judge also issued an injunction halting future publishing of The Joy Of Cooking With Ambien.