A new report reveals Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has accepted millions of dollars in travel and hospitality from a wealthy Republican donor in violation of ethics rules. The only judge that’s been paid off more times than Thomas is Judy.

A Texas woman stabbed her fiancee to death, then tried to stitch his wounds closed. She was charged with murder and now her sewing machine is broken.

A new report documents the abuse of more than 600 children in the Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of Baltimore. Officials are considering expanding the investigation beyond what happened last month.

A Michigan family welcomed the first baby daughter in the husband’s lineage since 1885. However, the baby’s first words are “I identify as non-binary”.

A Newark, Delaware man was arrested after attempting to carjack an off-duty officer in an unmarked police vehicle. It’s the first-ever carjacking where the perpetrator ended up in the back seat.

The National Oceanographic Administration said wind farms off of the New Jersey shore could ‘adversely affect’ whales, but not kill them. Meanwhile the Surgeon General said boardwalk food at the Jersey Shore could both adversely affect and kill beachgoing whales.

A new study claims that eating too much sugar has 45 negative health effects. If the sugar comes in the form of a donut eaten along with Dunkin’ coffee, that expands to 145 negative effects.

The barcode is turning 50 – matching the number of minutes it takes for the person ahead of you in line to self-checkout their groceries.

SUGA, of Korean boy-band sensation BTS, was named an Ambassador to the National Basketball Association. He’ll help promote the sport in his native South Korea, and inspire thousands of 5’5″ Korean Americans to try out for, and get cut from, their high school teams.

Idaho passed a law which bans knowingly providing out-of-state travel for women seeking abortions. In other news, Boise’s Plan C Bus Lines announced they’re going out of business.