The Sargussum Belt, a 5,000-mile-long-mass of seaweed circling Florida, threatens to destroy shoreline marine life and hinder tourism with its rotten smell. It already endorses Governor Ron DeSantis for President.

A Texas judge will hear arguments in a landmark case which could ban access to abortion pills across the U.S. He’s expected to issue a ruling before prom season.

Guitarist Brian May was granted knighthood by King Charles II, the first Queen to be knighted since Sir Elton John.

A forklift collapsed at JFK Airport, falling on the operator. He was treated at the scene for serious leg injuries, and after the forklift was set upright, a new operator resumed using it to smash baggage for United Airlines.

Lindsay Lohan announced her first cocaine-free pregnancy.

TikTok banned the account of a man attempting to lose 50 pounds in 100 days by only eating half-portions of McDonald’s meals. TikTok cited its policy against promoting “dangerous weight loss”, and suggested the man incorporate exercise by repeatedly climbing unstable stacks of milk crates.

A man was convicted by a Netherlands court of “stealthing” – removing a condom during sex without his partner’s consent. He was also ordered to repaint the wall where it stuck after tossing it away.

A Illinois woman found her missing husband’s dead body in a closet in December after he’d been missing for eight months. His death was ruled a suicide and her Christmas decorations were ruled unuseable.

18 female guards were fired or resigned from their jobs at a UK men’s prison for engaging in sexual activity with inmates. The prison is categorized as minimum security and maximum intimacy.

A Kentucky middle school principal was arrested on a domestic violence charge during his first day on the job. The teacher who gave him an apple as a welcome gift admits it wasn’t the best idea.