The Centers for Disease Control report that cigarette smoking has hit a new low – just 14% of U.S. adults. The reduction in young adult smokers, however, has made it that much more difficult for teenagers to decide who the cool people are to have sex with.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has reportedly begun writing its final report on the Russia probe, based on feedback from customers at Staples who saw Mueller buying clear plastic binders to put on it before he hands it in.

40 more Sears & KMart locations are closing. The remaining locations are kicking off a Probably Going Out Of Business Sale.

Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union welcomed their first child together – delivered via a surrogate. Wade was credited with a steal.

Kim Kardashian visited San Quentin Prison in California, supposedly to check out programs offered for prisoners. She left after finding out there isn’t a program to sell movies of conjugal visits.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place Thursday night in New York City. “Wow! Sexy!” said people doing their best to pretend that free Internet porn doesn’t exist.

Cable and satellite companies lost over 1 million video subscribers in Q3, an industry record. Operators attempted to call departed customers to win them back, but eventually hung up when the customers left them on hold for over a half-hour.

Thanks to a new website, Global Barter Week, you can exchange your skills and belongings for free stays vacation properties around the world. They say they got the idea from the women & men who trade sex for free stays at summer homes in the Hamptons.

Men on Reddit are sharing the best compliment they’ve ever received, but most are disappointed it wasn’t about the size of their penis.

Raging wildfires are forcing large-scale evacuations near Los Angeles, including some of the Kardashians’ homes near Calabasas. People are contacting local officials asking how they can donate to keep the fires near Kardashian homes going.