Wednesday Jokes: November 7

A Delta Airlines passenger was outraged when he was forced to sit in a seat on his Atlanta-to-Miami flight that was “covered in feces” from a service dog on the prior leg of the flight. He still took it after flight attendants refused to clean it, and after 75 failed attempts asking other passengers to switch seats.

More than 100 women were elected to Congress, and are already working together around-the-clock on a bill to raise the thermostat in the Capitol building.

Following the mysterious fatal wreck of a Lion Air flight in Indonesia, Boeing issued a safety warning regarding the 737 MAX jet involved. Right now it’s just a sticker on the cockpit instrument panel that reads “Plane May Crash”, but they promise to dig in for more details.

Samsung is planning to introduce a new ‘flip smartphone’, so you can look even smarter in 1999.

Three managers at a home improvement company in China have been jailed after reportedly forcing employees to eat cockroaches and drink urine for missing sales targets. Video of the punishment surfaced on social media, and led to a shopper boycott of Human Atrocity Depot.

A Pennsylvania man was arrested for making terroristic threats when, after being told he wasn’t registered to vote, said he was going to get a gun and come back and shoot workers. He was taken in custody wearing a “I Threatened To Shoot Up A Polling Place” sticker.

Guinness will release a new type of its classic stout, aged in bourbon barrels, hoping to capture the unmistakable scent of bourbon in the urine of drunks pissing themselves after blacking out in the bar.

Voters in San Francisco approved Proposition C, a ballot measure requiring high-revenue companies in the city to pay taxes to fight homelessness. The next step is for homeless people to decide which city they’ll fly to with their free airline ticket.

Under Armour said it will change its culture, following a Wall St Journal article alleging employees were free to put strip-club visits on their corporate cards. At first, Under Armour fought back, saying the strip club trips were to see if their jogbras and yoga pants were easily removed on stage.

Two St. Louis day care workers were charged with felonies after video from 2016 surfaced of a “fight club”; the workers gave 3-and-4-year-olds toy ‘Hulk hands’, then encouraged them to fight. A 6-year-old star witness is expected to testify, assured by prosecutors that he can keep his Championship Belt.

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