Wednesday Jokes: December 19

Some parents in Huntington Woods, Michigan want the public library to end ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ – where drag queens read to children. However, the drag queens are a huge draw and children love it, though some complained a reading of The Night Before Christmas took 2 hours including costume changes.

President Donald Trump’s charitable foundation is being dissolved amidst allegations of ‘persistently illegal conduct’ — leaving many wondering who will put gifts under the tree for Playmates and porn stars.

Adam Bros., the farm linked to E. coli in romaine lettuce, is now recalling red & green leaf lettuce and cauliflower out of what they say is “an abundance of caution”. Throughout the country, children are hoping they also extend their caution to broccoli and asparagus.

Actor Dax Shepard defended telling his child that there is no Santa. Shepard said he was tired of lying, adding that he also told his daughter that the CHiPs movie sucked.

A Kansas mom was shocked to find metal shavings in her daughter’s gummy vitamins from Zarbee’s Naturals.  Said a Zarbee’s spokesman “so do you want your kid to get iron or don’t you?”

Multiple Tinder employees who sued Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, for $2 billion were fired this week. The employees say they were subjected to intimidation and retaliation, Match Group human resources claimed that they simply swiped left on their performance reviews.

At the trial of drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, a Chicago-area cocaine distributor described the organization to a jury, calling it “a highly-matrixed team where motivated self-starters are fully empowered to contribute and grow in a challenging, fast-paced environment!”

Utah implemented the lowest blood-alcohol threshold for DUI in the nation, at .05.  Residents are advised not only to avoid drinking & driving, but to avoid tongue-kissing drunk women & men in the bar before getting behind the wheel.

A 23-year-old Florida man was arrested by Port St. Lucie police for attempting to pay for his order at a McDonald’s drive-thru with pot.  The drive-thru worker alerted police, saying the man must have been high, since he offered a dime bag for a $6 value meal.

A Swedish music festival, Statement Festival, that banned cisgender men, was found guilty of discrimination. A Swedish court found that the festival, which only allowed cisgender women, transgender and non-binary people, discriminated against men born with penises who wanted to feel hated while listening to terrible music.


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