Thursday Jokes: February 28

FedEx recruited the inventor of the Segway to build a new delivery robot. FedEx called on Segway because they want to ensure the robot looks ridiculous.

All employees at three Sonic Drive-Ins in Ohio walked off the job after the locations were sold to new management – resulting in the temporary closure of all 3. Regular customers were found passed out in their cars after spending hours shouting orders heard by no one in to a speaker.

A ‘Dinner Delivered’ food delivery driver in Tennessee was arrested for allegedly placing his testicles in a customer’s salsa because they’d only tipped him 89 cents on a prior visit. The salsa went from chunky to chunkier.

#TheWorstPartsOfMyJob is trending on Twitter, with one verified account tweeting “Anything that isn’t Executive Time.”

A 12-year-old Arizona student told police that he was ordered to ‘stand guard’ while his 13-year-old friend and their teacher, 27-year-old Brittany Zamora, groped each other. The 12-year-old described Zamora as “not a good person”, adding he never got a turn.

The Masked Singer concluded Wednesday. The winner, Monster, was revealed to be rapper T-Pain. He defeated finalists Bee – Gladys Knight; and Peacock – Donny Osmond. The search begins for Season 2, which will take a half-hour to lock in forgotten rappers and celebs who were big in the 70s and 80s.

Producers of ‘Suicide Squad 2’ announced that Will Smith will not appear as Deadshot. Smith cited scheduling issues, including promotion for his big blue genie in the live-action Aladdin, also known as Career Suicide Squad.

The equipment manager for Indiana University Pennsylvania’s basketball team forgot to pack the team’s uniforms for a road game at Edinboro University, so they had to use the host team’s old uniforms. Worse, they were football uniforms.

Robocalls grew 325 percent in 2018, leaving cell phone owners annoyed at the intrusion, and wondering why their credit cards still don’t have lower rates after they gave that guy their social security number.

An all-female version of Broadway hit ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ is in the works. Casting will begin as soon as script writers figure out how to fill two hours of stage time showing angry women in an office not speaking to each other.

An original Disney Mouseketeer, Dennis Day, has been missing for 7 months. Mickey Mouse Club officials say they’re changing the C in the theme song lyrics from “see you real soon!” to something else.

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