Tuesday Jokes: May 14th

Amazon is testing robotic machines that are able to pack customer orders in special boxes. The machines reportedly replace up to 24 human jobs, once they’ve figured out how to skip breaks by leaking oil into empty soda bottles.

A French documentary reports that Amazon routinely disposes of large quantities of unsold, unwanted products in what it terms “destruction zones” – their code name for Sears.

President Trump is reportedly highly involved in planning the nation’s July 4th celebration, including his giving a speech from the Lincoln Memorial. Staffers are busy figuring out how to move the Lincoln Memorial to Florida.

University of Michigan head basketball coach John Beilein is leaving the school to become head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The deal is reportedly for five years and a salary that makes it worth moving to Cleveland.

Facebook is paying content moderators up to $22/hour to review and manage potentially objectionable content. So when that girl told you she wouldn’t want to see your privates if you paid her? Well, now there’s someone who will.

AirHelp compiled its list of the best and worst airports worldwide. Newark Liberty Airport was named the Worst Airport in the United States.  Travelers with checked baggage arriving in Philadelphia International Airport plan to appeal.

Matthew Boling set a new U.S. high school record with a 10.13 second 100-meter dash.  Boling’s nickname is ‘white lightning’, because he is fast and because Irish American Lightning isn’t especially catchy.

Senator Elizabeth Warren refused an invitation to attend a Fox News Town Hall, calling Fox News a “hate-for-profit racket”. Fox News executives are considering it to replace their retired slogan “Fair and Balanced”.

Match.com is launching ‘Ask Match’, a feature where you can request dating advice from Match experts. So far, Match has terminated a number of male dating coaches whose sole advice to female members was “maybe you should just have sex with him.”

Lenovo has introduced a new laptop with a screen that bends in half. They say they got the idea from watching TSA inspectors do the same thing at airport check-in lines.



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