Wednesday Jokes: June 5th

President Trump joined world leaders to pay tribute on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Trump said if someone with his IQ were president then, it would have been A-Day.

Officials in British Columbia claim opioid addicts are cutting down trees to trade timber for heroin. Police are constantly on the lookout for strung out men and women with a lot of splinters.

Retail analyst NPD group say thong sales are on the decline among women, while full-coverage women’s briefs are rising, then hopefully dropping if the relationship goes well.

A woman was asked to leave an Erie, Pennsylvania Golden Corral because the manager deemed her crop top and short-shorts “too provocative”. Social media users reading her story were shocked – that Golden Corral actually has a dress code.

‘Queer Eye’ style consultant Tan France writes in his new memoir that he worked as a flight attendant when he was younger. He quit after just two months, but said he still struggles to let guests at his house have an entire can of soda.

Tariffs on Mexican imports may cause drastic price increases at Chipotle. When customers add guacamole, instead of saying it costs “a little extra”, workers will offer customers financing for their burrito.

A new study claims people who only drink bottled water ingest up to 100,000 microplastic particles per year. Bottled water makers updated their marketing to call bottled water “a great source of synthetic fiber”.

A ban on U.S. tourism to Cuba in now in effect. The State Department named the new restriction Close, But No Cigars.

A tour company is charging $6,000 for a three-night Nevada excursion called ‘Sex Island’, where guests are promised unlimited sex with two differnt women each day. Critics are angry that it exploits women, and guests are angry that they have to pay $29/day for internet.

Florida man Tommy Burns and his mistress, Amanda Love, are charged with conspiring to kill Burns’ wife. All Burns wanted was Amanda Love, and all she wanted was a man ta’ love.


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