Thursday Jokes: June 6th

A new Gallup poll reveals 25% of Americans have “major money worries”, with a majority expressing regret for the day their “major money worries” were born.

Researchers studying sparrows and finches say they line nests with cigarette butts to ward off parasitic mites, but they also have difficulty flying long distances on account of smoking all those Marlboros.

Tom Rice, 97, a U.S. paratrooper who survived D-Day, relived it 75 years later by skydiving to the same spot. Everything went great until he landed and chased sunbathers on Normandy Beach with a bayonet.

Actress Marcia Cross says that her anal cancer is linked to her husband’s throat cancer, and nobody wants to hear more details.

Apple is launching a menstrual period tracking app to advise women when their period starts. Husbands and boyfriends of women with PMS can use it to avoid them.

Google is enhancing SOS Alerts – its warning feature for those in the path of natural disasters – with ‘visualizations’ of floods, hurricanes & earthquakes. “Look kids!’s what’s going to level our house!” said a Dad gathering kids around his phone.

Amazon claims that, within months, it could have drones delivering packages under five pounds up to 15 miles, thanks to guidance they’ve received consulting with drug dealers.

GM plans to offer airless, puncture-proof tires on new vehicles, starting with the 2024 Chevy Big Wheel.

Walmart is swapping out its workers’ blue vests – introducing grey vests with neon accents, which they say will make it easier for customers to locate sleeping employees.

Bernie Sanders introduced a shareholder resolution to put hourly workers on the Walmart Board of Directors. The move was defeated, with many hourly workers voting against it thinking they’d get a sore ass sitting on a board.

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