Tuesday Jokes: June 11th

Mary Duggar, 73, grandmother of the tv-famous Duggars, passed away at age 73. She is survived by a list of family members too numerous to go into.

Patricia ‘Tan Mom” Krentcil is hospitalized with pneumonia and is in a Florida intensive care unit in a medically-induced coma. Doctors removed fluid from her lungs and sprayed it back on her skin.

  • Hers is the only bed in Intensive Care located on the roof.

Los Angeles politicians agreed that the city’s homeless population needs more restrooms, so they agreed to build 20 new public libraries.

ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ visits Philadelphia on Thursday, where it will be called ‘What Do You Want, America?’.

The total number of homes being “flipped” declined in the first quarter of 2019 versus a year ago. Experts say the drop is caused by flippers who quit after figuring out everyone doing it doesn’t get a tv show.

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck 20 miles from Cleveland, then left to go shake up someplace fun.

Researchers found the whooping cough vaccine loses effectiveness as kids age. They studied children who didn’t get vaccinated until after age 7, whose parents thought it would be no big whoop.

Rob Kardashian launched the Halfway Dead clothing brand. It’s a skate-oriented brand named after the way Rob Kardashian ended up the one time he tried skateboarding.

Britney Spears shared her conspiracy theory that paparazzi are doctoring photos of her to make her look fat. Fans are backing her up, saying they think their smartphones are doing the same thing.

Nestle, Mars & Hershey have gone back on their promise to ensure that their chocolate is harvested without child labor. Human rights activists call this the worst violation they’ve encountered since the Keebler Cookie Scandal.


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