Wednesday Jokes: June 26th

16 people were charged in a drug operation- smuggling oxycontin pills from California to Pennsylvania inside stuffed animals. “I don’t want you spending time with that teddy bear anymore” said a toddler’s mom.

Pennsylvania’s GOP chairman resigned after he texted pics of his genitals to a woman candidate for Philadelphia City Council, and asked her to send pics back. The search for a successor to lead PA’s Gland Old Party are underway.

Federal prosecutors accuse California congressman Duncan Hunter of improperly using campaign donations to fund at least five extramarital relationships. Worse, none of the women voted for him.

The New York Mets fired their pitching coach and promoted 81-year-old Phil Regan to take the job. Regan was 46 at the beginning of spring training.

According to, 40% of 18-to-24-year-olds haven’t applied antiperspirant or deodorant in the last month. 2019 proms & graduations were reportedly the smelliest on record.

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland spent the weekend in a hospital. She was suffering from difficulty breathing and chest pains – baffling doctors, since she wasn’t in the Dominican Republic.

Cameo – seller of personalized messages from celebrities – has raised $50 million in funding. A message from Snoop Dogg sells for $3,000; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sells for $500. Cameo says their biggest customer complaint is finding out Don Knotts is dead.

San Francisco made it official – becoming the first city to ban e*cigarettes. “NOW what are we going to suck on??” asked a handful of protesters.

To compete with Amazon Prime Day, Target announced “Target Deal Days”, also on July 15 & 16. In Target’s case, the big deal is that the checkout registers will actually work.

The International Olympic Committee voted in favor of a proposal to make break dancing an Olympic sport at the 2024 Paris games. Hollywood immediately began casting Breakin’ 6: Olympic Boogaloo.

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