Monday Jokes: April 27th

NBA teams are planning to resume practice. Players already demonstrate social distancing by not running back to play defense.

At professional baseball games in Taiwan, no real fans are in attendance, and seats are filled with cardboard cutouts and mannequins. The players finally noticed when they didn’t see anyone asleep.

Brown University’s President Christina Paxson claims reopening college campuses should be a national priority. “Right on, babe” said frat house douchebros.

In addition to fever, dry cough & shortness of breath, the CDC added 6 additional warning symptoms for coronavirus – giving kids time to practice faking them on school mornings between now and fall.

The NFL Draft received its best tv ratings ever – leading the White House to cast Roger Goodell as the newest co-star of hit series ‘Coronavirus Task Force’.

New York doctors are studying heartburn drug Pepcid as treatment for COVID-19, after seeing improvement in patients who made the mistake of ordering enchiladas from the hospital cafeteria. 

Reality tv star Kristin Cavallari and former NFL QB Jay Cutler announced they’re divorcing. The father of three was summoned to Cavallari’s office and told to turn in his playdate book. 

Philadelphia’s Police Department said they believe as many as 800 officers have been exposed to coronavirus – leaving residents wondering how something could have gotten close to so many Philly cops without bribing them first. 

Tyson Foods warns that the “food supply chain is breaking” as plants close due to workers contracting COVID-19. “We just want to get back to work” said chickens who still don’t get it. 

99-year-old British World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore has the #1 hit song in the U.K., a cover of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. However, Moore was hospitalized after attempting to twerk in the accompanying music video. 


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