Thursday Jokes: July 2nd

Ghislaine Maxwell, longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested in New Hampshire. Officials said she would have been brought in sooner, but nobody knew how to pronounce her name when reading her rights.

New York State will prohibit fans from attending or tailgating at pro sports venues during the pandemic. Buffalo Bills fans will have no choice but to jump off armoires and break their dining room tables at home.

Young people in Alabama are throwing ‘COVID-19 Parties’ – where people with coronavirus attend and the first person to get infected receives a payout. Party organizers claim it’s cheaper than organizing a separate baby shower.

Lifeguards in Orange County, California rescued a bride in her wedding gown after she and the groom were swept into the ocean posing for wedding photos. On the bright side, a 30-year-old single female shark caught her bouquet.

Police in Italy seized $1 billion worth of amphetamines they claim was manufactured by terror group ISIS. ISIS admitted diversifying into drugmaking because there just isn’t a lot of money to be made in blowing shit up.

A Colorado “throuple” is expecting a baby. Lo Taylor is pregnant with her husband Mike’s child, but wants girlfriend/partner Jess Woodstock “to help breastfeed”. Lo & Jess plan to get small breast tattoos so the baby will know which flavor they’re choosing.

Columbus, Ohio took down a statue of Christopher Columbus – the city’s namesake. 75,000 people want the statue replaced with an image of a black transgender activist, but the local hockey team doesn’t want to call itself the Marsha P Johnson Blue Jackets.

Formula 1 racing billionaire Bernie Ecclestone became a father at age 89, when his 44-year-old wife delivered a son. Ecclestone thanked his race team for attaching a 650-horsepower engine to one of his sperm.

The Lake Travis, Texas health department is urging its residents not to attend this weekend’s Vanilla Ice concert amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases. They added if you must go, wear a mask to keep people from identifying you at a Vanilla Ice concert.

As part of settlement conditions in a paternity lawsuit, rapper Offset is demanding his baby mama, Nicole Marie Algarin, give their child Kalea Marie Algarin his last name. The child would be renamed Kalea Marie Set.

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