Wednesday Jokes: July 1st

Due to the coronavirus, the state of Arizona announced it’s delaying the first day of school. “Yeah, but what about the second day of school?” asked an Arizona high school football captain.

WNBA Players Association president Nneka Ogwumike told a USA Today reporter that players opted out of their agreement with the league as a “bet on themselves”. She then asked the reporter to pull up to the second window to continue the interview.

Ryan Seacrest broke up with longtime girlfriend Shayna Taylor, and vacationed with an unidentified woman in Mexico. He requests privacy until they debut three new talk shows together.

Studies show talking may spread coronavirus even worse than coughing. Experts call this one more reason for blowing off your grandparents.

Google added ten new dinosaurs you can place in photos using Google search and augmented reality. They include velociraptor, stegosaurus and Mitch McConnell.

The Women’s Tennis Association announced they’ll return with several small tournaments in late summer, including the Prague Open, featuring Karolina Pliskova and Petra Kvitova. They look forward to their extended break being ova.

Mark Wahlberg shared a photo of his back after an allergy scratch test. Wahlberg posted the tests revealed he’s “allergic to almost everything” – excluding awful Michael Bay and M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Looking at a red light for three minutes every day may improve eyesight in people over 40. However, it also increases the risk of getting honked at when the light turns green.

Fox News fired anchor Ed Henry following an investigation into sexual harassment. Henry was let go after it was determined he wasn’t harassing women nearly enough.

Alaska Airlines flight attendants will issue yellow warning cards to passengers who refuse to wear face masks while on board. If they refuse, they’ll receive a red card and a parachute.


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