Friday Jokes: September 11th

Burger King restaurants in Taiwan are offering a limited-time Whopper with chocolate sauce, the Chocolate Whopper. They’re also being sued for trademark infringement by a black male porn star.

Netflix released the trailer for its new Adam Sandler movie, ‘Hubie Halloween’. Following the diamond-district drama ‘Uncut Gems’, it marks Sandler’s return to cinematic comedy, or whatever you want to call it.

Victoria Azarenka defeated Serena Williams in the U.S. Open tennis semifinal, in a rare battle of two moms. The match lasted close to two hours, since they each had to take multiple breaks and mommy-blog about it.

2020 Hurricane Season peaks today. Then tomorrow it can relax and tell stories of cities it destroyed to younger hurricanes.

Los Angeles is suffering its worst smog in 26 years as wildfires sweep the West Coast. It’s so bad, Angelenos are advised to wear both sunscreen and smokescreen.

Catherine Dulac, a Harvard researcher, won a $3 million Breakthrough Prize for proving neural circuits controlling maternal and paternal behavior are found in both women and men – except for diaper changes when men are watching football.

Customs officers in Miami seized $500,000 in cash being smuggled out of the country in a chair. The cash was so heavy, they needed help transporting it to the trunks of their cars.

Observations from the Hubble Space Telescope find much higher concentrations of dark matter in remote galaxies. This, after the Hubble found multiple extraterrestrials wearing Dark Matter Matters tee shirts.

The Centers for Disease Control claims that dining out is one of the most risky activities during the pandemic – especially at Boston Wet Market.

The CEO of an Australian mining company resigned after a 46,000-year-old sacred indigenous site was destroyed to expand an iron ore mine. He begins his new job as U.S. Secretary for the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday.

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