Thursday Jokes: February 25th

Archaeologists are studying the remains of the oldest dog found on the American continent. But they still haven’t been able to remove the knotted-up rope from its mouth.

The U.S. Postal Service shared photos of its new, gas-&-electric-powered mail trucks. They’re scheduled to be on the road in 2023, so look for them in 2025.

Discovery Channel is airing a new documentary ‘Attack of the Murder Hornets’ about the killer insects. Meanwhile, rival network TLC is airing ‘My 6 Ounce Life’ about an obese murder hornet desperate to lose weight.

Health officials identified a new California strain of coronavirus. They say it’s deadly, but may be weakened with bread because it’s reeeeally trying to cut out gluten.

Two Australians were incorrectly injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. The nurse pushed the needle all the way through her thumb.

Chicago, Illinois State Representative Marcus C. Evans introduced a bill to ban violent videogames like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in response to a rise in real-life carjackings. He also wants to remove barrels from the gorilla enclosure at the Chicago Zoo.

An Oklahoma veterinarian shared a photo of Skipper, a shepherd/border collie mix with six legs. The dog was rescued from an Oklahoma farmer who thought it was a really big spider.

An American Airlines pilot reported a “large, cylindrical object” flying over his jet at 35,000 feet en route from Kentucky to Arizona. He then finished off the bourbon bottle and landed in Phoenix.

A homeless malnourished sheep found wandering in rural Australia was rescued and shorn of over 77 pounds of wool. Its condition was upgraded to ‘stable, but cold’.

Facing a steep population decline, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban is spending huge sums of money to encourage women to have babies – starting with the intern he just hired.

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