Monday Jokes: May 9th

Three guests died from mysterious causes at Sandals resort in the Bahamas. The good news is their funerals are included.

Fred Savage was fired as an Executive Producer & Director from ABC’s The Wonder Years reboot for allegations of inappropriate conduct. He was given the news in a voice-over from actor Daniel Stern.

A German woman was found guilty of ‘stealthing’ after admitting to poking holes in her boyfriend’s condoms in an unsuccessful attempt to get pregnant. The man became suspicious when he had to pull staples out of the condom while putting it on.

Fugitive murderer Casey White and Alabama corrections officer Vicky White remain on the run after a week. Since experts believe Casey White is used to prison food, police in southern states have stakeouts set up at Golden Corral buffets.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said his state is not currently considering bans on contraception such as Plan B pills or IUDs, saying Missippians already have a difficult enough time understanding where babies come from to begin with.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said the company’s employees can work remotely, forever, without losing pay. Chesky reserved the right to reevaluate ‘forever’ in the case of employees who die.

Def Leppard said songs from new album ‘Diamond Star Halos’, will be “strongly represented” during their upcoming tour with Motley Crue. They want fans to have opportunity to buy beer and t-shirts before they play ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’.

The Penn State Nittany Lion shrine – a lion statue on the main campus – was vandalized during graduation weekend, with its ear broken off and sprayed with red paint. The shrine is decades old, so cops have ruled out Jerry Sandusky touching it.

A new study from Texas A&M shows that working from home has no negative impact on worker productivity – at least as long as you’re at your desk and not in bed or at a matinee.

The New York Times swapped out ‘fetus’ as Monday’s Wordle solution because of the controversy surrounding abortion rights, but said ‘sperm’ was still a decent starting word for the new solution.

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