Thursday Jokes: July 14th

A gay Austraian woman claims she was sent to the hospital for having an ‘overstimulated clitoris’. She requested a second opinion, which took a while since they couldn’t get a male doctor to find it.

Khloe Kardashian confirmed that she and ex Tristan Thompson are having another baby, to be delivered via surrogate. They chose ‘surrogate’ because it’s easier than saying ‘another woman that Tristan knocked up on a road trip’.

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert claims in a new memoir her husband was the ‘real victim’ in a case where he exposed his penis to an underage girl in a bowling alley – marking the first time an elected Congressman has written a memoir with a passage about a spouse exposing their penis to an underage girl in a bowling alley.

Delta Air Lines flew 1,000 lost bags from London’s Heathrow Airport to its hub in Detroit, Michigan as a first step toward reuniting the bags with their owners. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the head of the baggage handlers union called 1,000 lost bags “a typical Tuesday”.

Bob Dylan is the latest artist to ban smartphones from his concerts, disappointing fans who were using their phones to look up the lyrics to Dylan’s songs because they couldn’t understand what the hell he was singing.

Viral photos show a man at a Chicago White Sox game texting an escort for sex in exchange for a $100 gift card, all while seated next to a young girl. The date turned out to be a flop, since the guy showed up with a $100 gift card from the Chicago White Sox Team Store.

A 40-year-old woman was fired from her job teaching STEM content to fifth graders after her Only Fans account was discovered. Fifth grade boys were disappointed, saying she definitely extended their STEM awareness.

A 21-year-old Brazilian woman claimed she was hospitalized with ‘trapped gas’ from holding in her farts while attending a music festival with her boyfriend. The woman is now okay, but three ER nurses were placed on ventilators after successfully treating her.

Police in a suburb of Medellin, Colombia destroyed 1.5 tons of marijuana by burning it – and engulfing the entire town in a cloud of weed smoke. Residents bombarded 911 with calls asking for directions to the Phish concert.

A 200-lb turtle was rescued after becoming stuck beneath a boardwalk at Florida’s Satellite Beach. The turtle was treated for malnourishment, and for trauma from having to watch so many gay couples go at it.

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