Thursday Jokes: August 4th

Tinder’s first female CEO was fired after less than a year on the job. Male shareholders complained she looked nothing like her profile picture.

Albany, NY news anchor Heather Kovar, who was suspended for slurred, rambling speech during a live broadcast, confirmed she has left her job. She thanked all the great people at Eyewishes Noosh.

Some craft breweries are shutting down because of a national carbon dioxide shortage. Others are shutting down because brewers are trying carbon monoxide instead and dying.

The NFL is appealing Deshaun Watson’s six game suspension. They’re asking to make it longer, which, coincidentally, is what Watson is accused of doing with massage therapists.

A boat on Disney World’s ‘It’s A Small World’ attraction sank, leaving guests stranded for an hour. Some waited to be rescued, others chose to drown so they didn’t have to hear the song anymore.

Walmart announced layoffs of corporate employees in their e-commerce and health & wellness divisions, saying their customers don’t know what those things are anyway.

Georgia residents can now claim unborn children as dependents when filing taxes. Single women are asking boyfriends for tax returns to see how many dependents they created with other women.

A New York Times article assessing Kansas’ rejection of an abortion ban asserts that 4 out of 5 states would vote similarly to protect abortion rights. The 5th state is Mississippi, whose voters would first need education about where babies come from.

Batgirl star Leslie Grace spoke out for the first time since DC/Warner Brothers cancelled the release of the film to HBO Max. She said things were going well, then POW! … ZAP! .. SPLAT!… they weren’t.

A Florida man & woman were arrested for filming sex acts with a dog. Police would not disclose the nature of the acts, but the woman is receiving treatment for a Pupperoni infection.

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