Netflix posted its largest subscriber loss, with 970,000 people leaving the service in the 2nd quarter. In an effort to turn things around, Netflix hired Comcast’s President of Customer Service so it takes people at least 90 days on the phone to cancel.

Donald Trump called the leader of the Wisconsin state Republican party this month to tell him to decertify results of the 2020 election. He then called Roger Goodell to decertify the New England Patriots 2019 Super Bowl victory because Tom Brady doesn’t return his calls anymore.

DNA from a coffee cup discarded at Philadelphia Airport was used to charge a man with the 1975 cold case murder of a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania woman. David Sinopoli, 68, was charged with the killing after he was rushed to hospital with convulsions from the Dunkin coffee.

Bruce Willis commemorated the 34th Anniversary of the original ‘Die Hard’ by visiting Los Angeles’ Fox Plaza, which served as the Nakatomi Building during filming. Willis, who retired from acting due to cognitive impairment, finished the visit by pushing a British guy in a suit out of a 40th floor window.

The Secret Service delivered only a single text exchange from their cell phones on January 5th & 6th, as requested by the January 6th Committee. It was from an agent assigned to the White House texting Melania Trump ‘u up?’.

Brad Pitt wore a skirt to the Berlin premiere of his action movie Bullet Train. Pitt did not comment, but the skirt choice may have been influenced by the record heat, and by his 2019 divorce agreement that Angelina Jolie wears the pants in their family.

DoorDash will now require customers requesting alcohol deliveries to upload a picture of their ID, and have the ID scanned by the delivery driver. This, after DoorDash supplied the alcohol for the most bitchin’, epic, Sweet 16 party in Phoenix history.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather showed off an $18,000 mink-covered child car seat he’ll use when transporting his young grandson. Mayweather also asked for recommendations for someone who knows how to clean urine and vomit out of mink.

A Pennsylvania barber featured on 90 Day Fiance is being sought by law enforcement for his role in a murder-for-hire plot against his barbershop boss. He faces a featured role on 90 Year Fiance.

‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Milan was warned by police that the dogs he was walking are not allowed on the Redondo Beach Pier in California. Milan immediately complied, taking his dogs off of the pier so they could each take a dump on the beach.