Electronics maker Withings introduced the U-Scan, a toilet sensor that analyzes urine for nutritional and metabolic levels. A sensor for women goes in the bowl, the sensor for men goes on the floor next to it.

Dunkin is partnering with the American Red Cross to encourage blood donations. They’re offering a free drink to anyone who donates blood, provided they haven’t drunk Dunkin coffee in the past 60 days.

Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger reportedly applied for a police internship. He was rejected based on his preference for stabbing innocent people instead of shooting them.

Ovidio Guzman, son of Juan ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, was arrested in Mexico. Federal police say he’s the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, making him a Chipo off the ol’ Chapo.

A doctor battled to save the life of a passenger whose heart stopped twice on a 5-hour flight from the UK to India. The doctor restored the heartbeat once, then the passenger ate the in-flight chicken salad sandwich and it stopped again.

In an effort to restore goodwill, Southwest Airlines is giving 25,000 frequent flyer miles in addition to refunds to passengers impacted by the 15,000 flights it cancelled. Then Southwest announced it was cancelling their frequent flyer program.

Ukraine rejected Russia’s call for a cease fire during their war to observe Russian Orthodox Christmas. Just in case, Russian Orthodox Santa Claus outfitted his reindeer with body armor and upgraded his sleigh’s missile defense system.

GOP Congressman Kevin McCarthy lost 11 consecutive votes in a bid to become Speaker of the House. The good news is he was unanimously voted Mr. Congeniality.

Prince Harry is being criticized for a claim in his new autobiography that he killed 25 Taliban fighters during his tour in Afghanistan with the British Army. However, the Taliban admits multiple soldiers choked to death on scones Harry gave them.

Amidst mounting losses and large debt, a major household retailer plans to file for Bed Bath & Bankruptcy.

Netflix posted its largest subscriber loss, with 970,000 people leaving the service in the 2nd quarter. In an effort to turn things around, Netflix hired Comcast’s President of Customer Service so it takes people at least 90 days on the phone to cancel.

Donald Trump called the leader of the Wisconsin state Republican party this month to tell him to decertify results of the 2020 election. He then called Roger Goodell to decertify the New England Patriots 2019 Super Bowl victory because Tom Brady doesn’t return his calls anymore.

DNA from a coffee cup discarded at Philadelphia Airport was used to charge a man with the 1975 cold case murder of a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania woman. David Sinopoli, 68, was charged with the killing after he was rushed to hospital with convulsions from the Dunkin coffee.

Bruce Willis commemorated the 34th Anniversary of the original ‘Die Hard’ by visiting Los Angeles’ Fox Plaza, which served as the Nakatomi Building during filming. Willis, who retired from acting due to cognitive impairment, finished the visit by pushing a British guy in a suit out of a 40th floor window.

The Secret Service delivered only a single text exchange from their cell phones on January 5th & 6th, as requested by the January 6th Committee. It was from an agent assigned to the White House texting Melania Trump ‘u up?’.

Brad Pitt wore a skirt to the Berlin premiere of his action movie Bullet Train. Pitt did not comment, but the skirt choice may have been influenced by the record heat, and by his 2019 divorce agreement that Angelina Jolie wears the pants in their family.

DoorDash will now require customers requesting alcohol deliveries to upload a picture of their ID, and have the ID scanned by the delivery driver. This, after DoorDash supplied the alcohol for the most bitchin’, epic, Sweet 16 party in Phoenix history.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather showed off an $18,000 mink-covered child car seat he’ll use when transporting his young grandson. Mayweather also asked for recommendations for someone who knows how to clean urine and vomit out of mink.

A Pennsylvania barber featured on 90 Day Fiance is being sought by law enforcement for his role in a murder-for-hire plot against his barbershop boss. He faces a featured role on 90 Year Fiance.

‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Milan was warned by police that the dogs he was walking are not allowed on the Redondo Beach Pier in California. Milan immediately complied, taking his dogs off of the pier so they could each take a dump on the beach.

Actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in beloved Star Wars films, died at age 74. No cause of death was released, but it’s rumored he was upset over feedback from footage of his portrayal of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jeff Fowler, director of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, tweeted that the design of the Sonic character will be changed based on fan feedback, and that the title of the movie will be changed to Fortnite.

A man fell 70 feet into Hawaii’s KÏlauea volcano and survived, in what locals are calling a pretty lousy human sacrifice.

  • The man was airlifted to a local hospital, where his family expressed hope that he recovers in time for his trip to the Grand Canyon.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigned after she made over $500,000 selling her children’s books to entities that do business with the city. The books promote exercise, a healthy diet, and instruct Baltimore children how to pick the right gang.

Maine became the first state to ban foam food & beverage packaging. The ban takes place January 1, 2021, to allow Dunkin 19 months to find cups that won’t dissolve when their coffee is poured into them.

Just hours after hosting the Billboard Music Awards, host Kelly Clarkson was flown from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for an emergency appendectomy. Clarkson said she felt extreme stomach pain all week, but figured it was from having to listen to Paula Abdul rehearse.

Online site Wallethub released their list of the ‘Best U.S. Airlines for Flying With Pets.’ They compiled the list by bringing dogs on 15 different carriers, and seeing which ones lived through the entire flight.

Two Australian men diagnosed with measles are confirmed to have visited a McDonald’s restaurant in Kooringal, New South Wales. Officials are warning those who visited the restaurant to see a doctor, and those who are planning to visit to avoid the McMeasles Value Meal.

An elderly Melbourne, Australia couple mistakenly received a package containing 20kg of methamphetamine, valued at over $7 million. They alerted authorities because they weren’t expecting a package, and because the elderly man broke his back lifting a 20kg box.

David Allen’s bestselling book ‘Getting Things Done’ has generated legions of devoted followers to his simple productivity rule: ‘if you can do it in under two minutes, do it now.’ Although critics say it has also created legions of chronic speedy masturbators.