The U.S. Government is threatening a ban on TikTok unless the app’s Chinese owners sell their stake in it. China said they’ll think about it, but they’re keeping all of the personal data and dance moves they’ve saved.

Actress Christina Ricci said on The View that she was once sued by a movie producer because she refused to perform a sex scene in a ‘certain way’. A Disney spokesperson declined comment on the production of That Darn Cat.

Officials from Japan and South Korea agreed to meet for the first time in 12 years – as the rest of the world admits to not even knowing they were mad at each other.

Some Gen Z drivers claim giving rude or dangerous drivers the ‘thumbs down’ is more impactful than flipping a middle finger or horn-honking. They offer as evidence about a dozen young drivers suffering bullet wounds after giving the thumbs down.

Madison Crowley, a bride-to-be from Atlanta who’s never had sex with her fiance, had his first initial tattooed on her butt for him to discover on their wedding night. The tattoo artist also covered up six other initials.

A tech tycoon claims to have offered a woman seated next to him on a flight $100,000 to remove her face mask for the duration of it, but she refused. She said it was because she felt safer, and because the ‘tech tycoon’ was in a middle seat on Spirit.

A man wrongfully convicted of robbery in Florida was released after serving 34 years of a 400-year sentence. Although the State Attorney General claims he likely would have been released after 200 years for good behavior.

Google Maps plans an update incorporating visual landmarks in addition to voice guidance, aiming the feature at boomers who need to know how many street lights and McDonald’s they pass before making a turn.

NASA debuted the new ultra-modern spacesuit to be worn by astronauts on the Artemis moon mission in 2025. The crew will include the first woman and first person of color on a moon mission – so NASA is spending extra time working on the shoes.

An Alabama school installed two bulletproof classrooms – one for the football team and one for the cheerleaders.