The Mother Lode of Topical Jokes

A male call center worker in the UK, frustrated by the office dress code prohibiting shorts, started wearing dresses. His pay dropped 23% and he filed a sexual harassment suit.

The Pizzagate shooter has been sentenced to 4 years in jail, although after 2 years he will be eligible for pick up or delivery.

Bill Cosby plans to hold a series of Town Hall meetings to educate young people about sexual assault laws. The meetings might happen, but the VIP Meet & Greets aren’t likely to sell well.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are looking for surrogates to carry their 3rd child, but so far aren’t having any luck finding women whose womb can fit a tv camera.

Yellowstone’s grizzly bear population has rebounded to where they are no longer an endangered species. There are now enough of them to bus to Washington to protest Trump’s environmental policies.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned amidst widespread criticism of sexual harassment and misconduct at Uber. Kalanick’s next move isn’t known, but he’s not ruling out “something in the White House”.

Airports in Phoenix and Las Vegas have grounded flights due to excessive heat. Trump’s travel plans are unaffected, because hot air is never a problem for Air Force One.

Restaurant chain Denny’s has introduced Online Ordering, creating a problem for people ordering pancakes online then passing out drunk.

Three refrigerated rail cars filled with butter derailed in the Philadelphia suburbs, setting a record for most first responders arriving with bagels.


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